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  • Discover Collection Spring/Summer 2020




    “Women love fashion, because novelty is a reflection of youth.”
    The new muses of the Mirella Matteini collection, each recover in their own way, the right to show their feminine side.

    There is no single way of being, the woman reveals many facets of her being so sweetly complicated!
    In the prints of this collection, painting meets fashion, brushstrokes of color, geometric elements and very bright nuances settle on jackets and clothes that seem painted on the body among the many transparencies, lace could not be missing, romantic, revised and transformed into new versions.
    In this collection you can breathe a slightly retro taste from the 20s to 60s, pleated dresses, American necklines, fastened at the waist by fabric belts, are preparing to become unmissable leitmotives for all fashion-lovers looking for a worthy summer of: “Roman holidays”, ready to take a dip or into the past!”

    Not only botanic-style prints, for this collection, but the hottest polka-dots have reappeared, polka dots in the century.

    The most classic fantasy of all time takes up the scene therefore, and does it in a strictly all-over key and with color contrasts, in macro mode. The many floral motifs juxtaposed with polka dots are only the tip of an iceberg that expresses the desire to return to an opulent, extravagant, eccentric, fun fashion, in response to the discomfort and malaise caused by the economic, political and environmental scenarios of the current world. Fashion as an antidote, fashion as a refuge, fashion as a reaction of beauty of the current world.